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[] name twitterhandle Country
March 13th Claire Ohlenschlager @claire_ohl the Netherlands
March 14th Katrin Mäntele @kleinerW4hnsinn Germany
March 15th Rob Dimeo @Rob_Dimeo United States
March 16th Michael Clayton @ProfClayton United States
March 17th Karen Forkish @kforkish United States
March 18th Karin Librarian @kperry United States
March 19th Nicole Funke @Funkenl Germany
March 20th Ania Staskiewicz @AniaStaskiewicz Poland
March 21st Steve Silbert @SteveSilbert United States
March 22nd Katharina Thesis-Bröhl @theiskbt Germany
March 23rd James Saretta @JamesSaretta Australia
March 24th Andrea Brücken @dieHauteCulture Germany
March 25th Eric T @tewoz France
March 26th Marc DUGUE @Marc_DUGUE France
March 27th Claudio Nichele @jihan65 Belgium/Italy
March 28th Lorraine Kasyan @lorrainekasyan United States
March 29th Diana Soriat @DianaSoriat Germany
March 30th Dorlies Zielsdorf @kreidetafel Germany
March 31st Claire Ohlenschlager @claire_ohl the Netherlands
April 1st Andrea Brücken @dieHauteCulture Germany
April 2nd Catharine Mi-Sook @catharinemisook United States
April 3rd An Wendt @anwendtbar Germany
April 4th Valentine Anciaux @Valanciaux Belgium
April 5th Ariane Riveros @Visuelligence Belgium
April 6th Mario Foglia @foglia_mario Italy
April 7th Mauro Toselli @xlontrax Italy
April 8th Cathy Walsh @cathy_walsh123 UK
April 9th Luis Gonzaga @LuisGonzagacom Portugal
April10th Oscar Campo @OscarCampo_ Colombia
April 11th Diana Pastoriza @diana_pastoriza Spain
April 12th Ruth Baker @ruthiebee85 Thailand
April 13th Makayla Lewis @maccymacx UK
April 14th Nadia Nadienka @NadiaNadienka Belgium
April 15th Cecile Liberator @CecileLiberator France
April 16th João Reis @jreisstudio Brazil
April 17th Josie Dee @Josi3_dee UK
April 18th Buntbüro @ReginaRullmann Germany
April 19th Marianne Rady @MarianneRady Germany
April 20th Presto Sketching @prestosketching Australia
April 21st Ceren Yildirim @sketching4agile Turkey
April 22nd Lily Benjamin-Merens @notesofbenjamin the Netherlands
April 23rd FrancoiseO. @Fayrann2006 France
April 24th Jing Jing Lang @jingjinglang Germany
April 25th Mike Rohde @rohdesign United States
April 26th Jenny Capon @jennycapondraws Scotland
April 27th Gary Lau @PastorGaryLau United States
April 27th Carlos Salgado Diez @carsaldiez Colombia
April 28th Monique van de Steen @dejuf The Netherlands
April 29th Caroline Chapple @chapplecartoons UK
April 30th Stefanie Crawford @MrsCford_tweets United States
May 1st Monica Spillman @mospillman United States
May 2nd Amy Banas @abanasTIS United States
May 3rd Meg @sketchabilitynz New Zealand
May 4th Sue Prince @SuePrinceArtist England
May 5th Wendi Pillars @wendi322 United States
May 6th Sunni Brown @SunniBrown United States
May 7th Carrie Baughcum @HeckAwesome United States
May 8th Kelly Ulrich @kellyulrichartist (IG) Canada
May 9th Antonio Coelho @atcoelho Brazil
May 10th Claire Ohlenschlager @claire_ohl The Netherlands
May 11th Emma Paxton @imagistical UK
May 12th Andrea Hancock @DrawsWalls United States
May 13th Giuly Dusi @_giulydi_ Italy
May 14th Verity.Ink @larebe40 Spain
May 15th Marina Harilaou @journalwriteth1 South Africa
May 16th Manuella Chainot-Bataille @MChainotBatail France
May 17th Céline Pernot-Burlet @cibi1974 France
May 18th Sherrill Knezel @sherrillknezel United States
May 19th Maureen Timmons @bostonfoodie613 United States
May 20th Kristina Friedrich @Tineko42 Germany
May 21st Claire Ohlenschlager @claire_ohl the Netherlands


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